This site is a place for clippings and half-formed thoughts. It’s where I explore ideas I’m working on. Nothing more than that.

The random ideas at the moment include:

  • The idea that strategy is a design process; that it is the design of business models (systems for the creation and capture of value); and the opportunity in 50 years of design theory to inform a new model of strategy development; and the implications for consulting practice
  • The idea that brands are strategic, market-based assets and complex adaptive systems; that customers don’t care, and that brand salience is everything
  • That businesses get caught in the ‘value capture’ trap, and why a focus on value creation is so difficult, but essential to long-run performance
  • The decline of neoclassical economics and move toward idea that the economy is a complex adaptive system and that we have misunderstood the mechanics of capitalism
  • The decline of shareholder value primacy; the role of obliqutiy and complexity within this; and the move toward a new model of capitalism and the role of business within this
  • The idea that most opportunities arise from mismatch between a person or organisation’s mental model of the world and reality; and the cognitive biases that impede this resolution
  • The idea that the purpose of a business is to create a customer, and should be designed backwards from this point; and that at the centre of this is the customer’s ‘job to be done’
  • The idea that better thinking comes from building a strong, broad latticework of mental models
  • The idea that culture and technology interact in interesting ways, but that the complex, emergent nature of it leads to unintended consequences of technology

Over time, I hope a perspective emerges. But for now, you’ll just have to deal with the lack of coherence…

Find me here: https://twitter.com/alzxy

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