Pocket: Charlie Munger on Avoiding Computers

Think first. You can ‘logic’ your way to most answers without having to do research through simple good thinking.

And they asked, “Why are you doing this?” He said, “I’m so located in life that I’m like a gold miner in 1848 who could just walk along the banks of the river and pick up enormous nuggets of gold with organized common sense. And as long as I can do this, I’m not going to use scarce resources in placer mining.”

Well, that’s the way I go at life. I think if you get the big points with organized common sense, it’s amazing the placer mining you never have to do…But is there still enormous gain to be made with organized common sense that doesn’t require a computer? I think the answer is “yes.”

Are there dangers in getting too caught up in the minutiae of using a computer so that you miss the organized common sense? There are huge dangers. There’ll always be huge dangers. People calculate too much and think too little.

Source: Pocket: Charlie Munger on Avoiding Computers

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