An interview with Ryan Singer – Inside Intercom

Great propositions come from problem/solution fit (a lighter version of product/market fit) – develop a deep understanding for consumers job and the context it occurs in, and design a solution for it. Anchoring to the customer themselves and their attributes – while intuitive – only creates confusion.

Ryan: I’ve been frustrated as a software designer for a long time, because when you look out at a lot of the software people are selling, it’s just lots of features all over the place. And it’s even worse if you’re trying to buy software. I was trying to buy some hosting the other day, and just looking at all the feature comparisons, it’s like the people who are selling this to me aren’t connecting with me on what I’m trying to do. They’re just giving me a lot of capability, and I need to figure out how to piece it together myself. I’ve always wanted to be the opposite of that somehow. I always wanted to make products where the purpose of the product is really clear, and it really connects with something that somebody’s trying to do.

The core idea that turned me on about Jobs-to-be-Done is that products are also services. They’re not just a bunch of features that people pull into their lives to get from point A to point B, and there’s this idea that people are always trying to make some sort of progress. And, the only reason that people bother to buy your tool, or use your software, is because they are in a specific situation and they’re trying to make some progress—get from here to there—and they’re struggling to do that.

Source: An interview with Ryan Singer – Inside Intercom

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