Anxiety maketh the planner – Adliterate

Similarly, wise words… the ability to stay in the space of uncertainty – as anxious as it makes you – is invaluable. As is the ability to respond ‘I don’t know’ when asked if this is the best strategy…

And as for planners? I have long maintained that great planners are wracked with anxiety. It may annoy virtually everyone else but the truth is good planners are never entirely sure, unless and until they absolutely know something to be true. There is always a better insight, a more potent consumer behaviour, a clearer path to purchase, a more interesting strategy or better plan. Until there isn’t.

Anxiety about the rightness of an idea makes a planner keep searching for something better and stops them taking the easy path or making the obvious choice. Because, to be honest the greatest diseases of the planning community are laziness masquerading as certainty and dogmatism pretending to be clarity. Indeed the guiding philosophy of any planner worth their salt should be “strong opinions, lightly held”.

Source: Anxiety maketh the planner – Adliterate

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