Strategy as innovative Design: An Emerging Perspective


What we propose in this chapter is that the most influential model of strategy, based on a narrow notion of design as analysis, planning and positioning, rooted in economics, needs rethinking. We propose an alternative model of strategic management as innovative design, rooted in the creative disciplines, the arts and humanities, as well as in scientific discovery. This alternative approach is now much easier to formulate and validate for empirical and theoretical reasons. Empirically, it is now clear that, in the long run, the real builders of our welfare and modernity are companies that have been able to recast the dominant values and design rules of their markets and environments – Apple, Bombardier, L’Air liquide, Intel are only some among the best known of these companies. To some extent these companies are surprising because they behave both like artists to create new worlds and like scientists to make these worlds exist and be economically sustainable.

Hatchual, A. et al (2010) Strategy as innovative Design: An Emerging Perspective inAdvances in Strategic Management 27:3-28 · July 2010

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