Strategy as innovative Design: An Emerging Perspective


The focus on economizing places emphasis upon manufacturing and merchandising, efficiency analysis, the elimination of waste and governance costs. For Mintzberg (2004: 92-3), there is too much emphasis in strategic management upon this systematic analysis of inputs and outputs. Mintzberg links this to management education, particularly the MBA, with its formal theories and its emphasis upon highly “calculative” analysis and technique, with little place for reflecting on practice. Foucault warns us that the Achilles heel of a science that lacks reflexivity is that it becomes recursive, fixated upon itself, and, thus, impotent to understand current events that transcend its categories: “Headed toward death, language turns back upon itself; it encounters something like a mirror; and to stop this death which would stop it, it possesses but a single power – that of giving birth to its own image in a play of mirrors that has no limit” (Foucault, 2000: 90).

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