Time to Re-Think Design Thinking | The Huffington Post

Good article, despite being marketing for Fjord’s design services. Though I would argue this one point, despite the sentiment being so close to my heart. Strategy should always have started with the customer experience (and product solution), and designed the organsiation backwards from there.

Business leaders once distinguished business strategy from customer experience but, today, that mindset is changing: business strategy has become experience strategy. In fact, 89% of companies recently surveyed by Gartner claim that experience will be their primary basis for competitive advantage this year.

Strategy has become closer to the customer experience when people began to realise that strategy was as much (or more) about creating value for customers than it was beating the competition. Both are important, but the dynamics of digital – transparency, reduction in friction, disruption, etc. – have made the flaws of competitor primacy blindingly clear.

Source: Time to Re-Think Design Thinking | The Huffington Post

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