canalside view | What does our talent serve?

Martin Weigel on the problems of the ad industry. I love the bolded points in particular. Problem-centric is (almost) always better than solution-centric.

I’d suggest that our industry allows its talents to go to waste because:

  • It labours under a far too limiting definition of what it does – namely advertising (it also interprets ‘advertising’ far too narrowly, forgetting the origin of the word means to “turn towards’).
  • It defines itself by output (advertising) not outcome (the building of brands).
  • It confines itself to a sector that has been static for almost 100 years (since the 1920s, advertising has represented about 1 percent of U.S. GDP) and it ignores all the other aspects of company spending that help build brands.
  • It chooses to chase ad-shaped problems (invariably pressing and short-term), rather than searching for growth opportunities which brand building can contribute to.
  • And for the most part it’s still in the business of asset delivery, rather than the building of long-term platforms and systems.

Source: canalside view – What does our talent serve? 

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