The marketing truths we are all in danger of forgetting – Adliterate

Fashion and fad are leading us to forget eternal marketing truths

  1. Seeking greater penetration is almost always the winning strategy rather than attempting to shift average weight of purchase.

  2. Light buyers are your most valuable customers not loyalists. Virtually every brand needs more light buyers.

  3. Buying is the desired outcome from marketing not engagement, participation or conversation. We are obsessed by the wrong metrics.

  4. People never care enough about brands to want to be followers, friends or fans. Not at a scale that is commercially useful.

  5. Brands need to ensure their mental availability but its fanciful and hideously expensive to remain ‘always on’ and few people want them to be.

  6. Targeting is not the holy grail of marketing. It’s helpful to a point but rests on assumptions about human behaviour that are unpredictable and misleading.

  7. Wastage is under-rated. One way or another wastage is a conversation with tomorrow’s customers.

  8. There is no earned media. With a few highly notable exceptions, for most brands, all media is paid for media.

  9. There is no one way advertising works. Any campaign can work in many different ways and often in ways that were not explicitly intended. And a great campaign will improve all your metrics.

  10. Advertising works best with the consent of people. Consent that is best built when advertising is helpful, enjoyable and interesting. The digital inventory of today is destroying this consent day by day.


Source: The marketing truths we are all in danger of forgetting – Adliterate via Byron Sharp

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